Short Hills Capital Partners, LLC

Stephen L. Weiss has been on Wall Street for more than 25 years in senior positions at the industry's most prestigious asset management and investment banking firms.  Employing the benefits of his experience on the buy-side and experience with the successful build out of multiple equity platforms, Weiss guaranties excellent results for your business by providing powerful strategic insights along with a definitive plan and execution that will endure.  His objective observations and input are direct and not biased by legacy issues currently existing in your business. He will create a customized approach, perfectly suited to each clients' challenges, helping them achieve both immediate and long-term business objectives. His expertise is in building strong research, sales, and trading teams and management.

He is currently Managing Partner of Short Hills Capital Partners, LLC.  After two years as a tax attorney, Weiss embarked upon his Wall Street career, first at Oppenheimer & Co. and then at Salomon Brothers, during the time it was controlled by Warren Buffett, developing and communicating investment ideas to the industry’s most respected investment funds including SAC Capital (Steve Cohen), Tiger Management (Julian Robertson), Soros Funds, Kingdon Capital and Omega Advisors (Lee Cooperman). At Salomon, he co-managed the firm’s 500 person Global Research Department, breaking new ground on integrating research from all regions around the globe. He also represented the Equity Division on the Capital Commitment Committee, and chaired the Stock Selection Committee. He went on to co-manage SAC Capital, and then joined Lehman Brothers where he successfully built the top institutional equity sales force on the Street while serving on their Global Sales, Capital Commitment, Investment Policy, and US Executive Committees.  He played a critical role in the research division’s rise to first place in the prestigious Institutional Investor survey, the pre-eminent measure of Wall Street research.

An active investor, markets expert, business consultant, and public speaker, he is also a regular CNBC Contributor.