Reviews Big Win

“If you want to create wealth, understand how the smartest investors in the world do it. And to learn from the best, then get the best to speak candidly about their investment  strategies. That’s what Stephen Weiss did in The Big Win, a truly fascinating read that  details these legendary investors’ winning strategies in stocks, bonds, and real estate.”
—Larry Kudlow, Host of CNBC’s The Kudlow Report

“Winning . . . that’s what Steve Weiss’s The Big Win is all about. I have always thought that we can best succeed by learning from the best. And The Big Win—written in a straightforward and easily readable style—chronicles winners in varied fields who have demonstrated a similarity of drive, passion, process, equanimity, discipline, and humility in reaching rarefied heights that should serve as templates for anyone intent on becoming extraordinary.”
—Douglas A. Kass, General Partner, Seabreeze Partners Management, Inc.

“Winners win. Stephen Weiss gets that because he’s done it at the highest level of this game. His sell-side (Salomon Brothers) and buy-side (SAC Capital) experience contextualizes making successful investing a repeatable process.”
—Keith McCullough, CEO, Hedgeye; author, Diary of a Hedge Fund Manager

“Mr. Weiss has written an introduction to alternative investments that has the very best—and very rarest—qualities of business writing, in that his book is educational, entertaining, and accessible all at the same time. Newcomers to the field of nontraditional investment styles will not be intimidated; while seasoned pros may well find new stories here that they can reflect upon to their profit.”
—Alicia Ogawa, financial consultant; Senior Advisor,
Center on Japanese Economy and Business, Columbia Business School