The Big Win

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In THE BIG WIN Learning from the Legends to Become a More Successful Investor, Stephen L. Weiss is back with his seconds book, looking at the successes of a group of living legends to show you how to make use of their unique strategies to improve your own returns.
  • Drawing on the lives of men and women who made their fortunes not only in the stock market, but also in real estate, commodities, and high-yield bonds, THE BIG WIN is an anthology of the incredible stories of true pioneers who transcended race, gender, and class to become investment legends, and what you can learn from their experiences. 
  • Each one of the investors profiled in the book triumphed by drawing on their personal strengths and transforming them into fortune-building wisdom. Weiss highlights the investment acumen and strategies that allowed these exceptional individuals to excel and details their biggest wins, focusing on those that most clearly illustrate their distinctive investing styles.
  • Incorporating end-of-chapter “takeaways” that succinctly summarize the key lessons to be learned from each story, THE BIG WIN is designed to help readers from all backgrounds and levels of experience understand the qualities that make an investor great, and how to apply the strategies of these luminaries to your investing career.
  • Packed with advice that can be applied to any asset class, the book distills the most important achievements of true investment superstars into exciting and endlessly inspiring stories that you can easily relate to and apply to your financial pursuits to attain greater success.